Homeowners Insurance Coverage Checklist to Protect Your New Home

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Checklist to Protect Your New Home

Learn how to choose the right insurance coverage for your new home. Buying a house is an important milestone. However, there’s lots that goes into taking care of your new home. Not only must you worry about homeowners association fees and general home maintenance, but you must also choose the right homeowners insurance. When it comes to keeping Read More

How to Avoid Animal Vehicle Collisions

Use this tips to keep you and the wildlife safe on the road. As the temperatures continue to cool down, you may be noticing more wildlife roaming around while you are on the road. While wild animals can be a very beautiful sight, they can also be the cause of very dangerous situations on the road. Keep these tips in mind to help figure out how to Read More

Keep Yourself Protected Against Uninsured Drivers

Your auto bodily injury liability protects you when you are liable for the injury or death of others due to an automobile accident, including legal and court costs. Your property damage liability pays to repair or replace another person’s property when you are responsible for the damage because of an auto accident.  What happens when a driver hits Read More

When It Comes To Insurance Agents You Have Options

Having an insurance agent or broker available to help you find the right insurance policy is a great advantage, especially after getting into an accident and going through the claim filing process. You may not know that you have options when choosing an insurance agent. Being informed is half the battle and knowing the difference between a captive Read More