Valentine’s Day Recipe: Conversation Heart Bark

Every February 14, loved ones share flowers, gifts, candy, and Valentine’s desserts across the U.S. and around the globe. While love isn’t a one-day event or experience, Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year when you can uniquely express affection. There are many different things you could offer a loved one, and candy can be one of the most powerful ways to communicate or invoke feelings and emotions on this special occasion.

According to the Frontiers in Psychology journal, offering food to loved ones can help improve emotional wellness for both the giver and receiver. By giving, you not only comfort a dear one in your life but also decrease their mental distress levels. In the end, both you and the recipient of your offering may enjoy greater emotional satisfaction and feel closer to one another.

Are you looking to prepare a super romantic treat for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Consider making conversation heart chocolate bark. You can even incorporate intimate messages such as “love you” or “soulmate” into your easy Valentine’s treats.

Follow this easy guide to make this mouth-watering dessert this Valentine’s Day:

Conversation Heart Bark Ingredients

You can yield 8-10 servings with the following ingredients:

  • Coarsely chopped white chocolate (6 oz)
  • Pink candy melts (2 oz)
  • Vegetable oil (1/4 teaspoonful)
  • Coarsely cut semisweet chocolate (8 oz)
  • Conversation hearts
  • Decorative sprinkles


It should take 10-15 minutes to prepare your conversation heart chocolate bark for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. If you have a block of chocolate, you’ll need to chop it into smaller pieces before melting it. Small, uniform pieces melt faster and more evenly. You can chop the candy using a chef’s knife or serrated knife. Just be sure to use a sharp tool for this task.
  2. Prepare a non-stick baking surface by lining your baking sheet with parchment paper. Alternatively, you may use a silicone baking mat as a liner. Using non-stick surfaces makes it unnecessary to line your baking pan with cooking sprays or oils.
  3. Put the coarsely cut white chocolate, and candy melts in a microwavable bowl and melt in a microwave or double boiler. If you’re using a microwave, stir the chocolate every 20 seconds to prevent it from burning—microwave and stir until fully melted and smooth. Then add vegetable oil to the molten chocolate and stir the mixture. Set the mixture aside.
  4. Melt coarsely chopped semisweet chocolate as you did white chocolate. Pour the chocolate onto your lined cookie/baking sheet and evenly spread it out into a rectangular shape using a spoon. However, be careful not to make this layer too thin.
  5. Quickly drizzle the white chocolate mixture over the semisweet chocolate layer. Swirl the ingredients using a spatula or toothpick.
  6. Sprinkle conversation hearts on top of the molten chocolate bark before it hardens. You can also add any decorative candy at this stage.
  7. Put the chocolate in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to harden it.
  8. You may cut the fully hardened candy into smaller pieces and serve as an expression of love to special persons in your life.

You can use this recipe to make easy Valentine’s treats for those you care about and love. Also, make sure to have the right personal insurance to protect you and your family. Contact the experts at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York, for all your insurance needs. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.

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