Securing Insurance Coverage While You Move

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Protecting your belongings as you move. Moving places your personal possessions in grave danger.  This is why many homeowners are curious about securing personal property insurance to protect their belongings as they move.  Here's what you need to know about insuring your move. Your Existing Home Insurance Policy Offers Coverage Most Read More

Does Being a Homeowner Help You Save on Car Insurance?

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The truth about homeowners saving money on their auto insurance. You may have heard many people insist that owning a home means that you can access lower auto insurance rates.  But is there truth to this claim?  Here's how homeownership affects your car insurance costs. Bundling Home and Auto One reason auto insurance is cheaper for some Read More

What’s the Difference: Home Insurance Vs. Home Warranty

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How can you tell the difference between home insurance and home warranties? When you start looking at home insurance, you might also see companies offering home warranties.  Oftentimes, homeowners get confused between these two coverage options and assume that they are interchangeable.  While they may seem similar, home insurance policies and home Read More

What to Know About Canceling Your Auto Insurance

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Am I able to cancel my auto insurance whenever I please? Whether you are moving out of state or have sold your car, there many reasons why you might want to cancel your auto insurance.  However, many car owners are not sure if they are able to cancel their coverage.  Here's what you can expect when you go to cancel your auto policy. Can I Read More

What to Expect When it Comes to Home Insurance Claim Payments

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How do insurance companies cover homeowners claims? If you filed a claim with your home insurance provider, you might be wondering when and how you will receive compensation.  Before you start getting worried, here's what you need to know about home insurance claim payments. Who receives the claim payment? An insurance check can be made out Read More

Does My Home Insurance Cover My Landscaping?

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Does home insurance cover your landscaping? Anyone who is invested in their home's landscaping knows just how much time, effort, and money goes into keeping their home's outdoor spaces looking nice.  Naturally, you want to make sure that your home's landscaping is covered in the event of a major damage event.  But does your homeowners insurance Read More

Securing Coverage for Your Rental Cars

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How can you insure rental vehicles? When you're renting a car, you may be worried about how you are going to insure the vehicle.  While the car rental company will offer you the opportunity to secure insurance through them, is this your only option?  Here's what your personal auto insurance policy can do for rental cars and when you might want to Read More