How to Avoid Animal Vehicle Collisions

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Use this tips to keep you and the wildlife safe on the road.

As the temperatures continue to cool down, you may be noticing more wildlife roaming around while you are on the road. While wild animals can be a very beautiful sight, they can also be the cause of very dangerous situations on the road. Keep these tips in mind to help figure out how to avoid animal-vehicle collisions on the road this season.

  • Animals tend to be most active during dawn and dusk, so use extra caution when driving during those times. Keep in mind that while your headlights help you see more clearly, they can completely blind deer in the road.
  • Pay attention to animal warning signs. These signs are typically located in areas with a lot of wildlife or where there have been numerous incidents involving animals. Whenever you see an animal warning sign, pay close attention to the road.
  • Keep in mind that deer tend to travel in groups, so if you see one deer, chances are there are more not far behind.

If an accident with an animal is unavoidable, knowing how to safely handle the situation will help to prevent any further damages or injuries. If you do hit an animal on the road, follow these guidelines.

  • Call 911 – if anyone in your vehicle is injured, call for medical attention as soon as possible. Even if nobody is injured, call the police so that they can help keep the flow of traffic going and help move the animal out of the road.
  • Do not try and move the animal – even if you think the animal is dead, do not try and move it. An injured animal can cause serious injury when scared.

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