Can Two Snowflakes Be Alike?

Is this popular belief actually true?

Time and time again, you have probably heard that no two snowflakes are alike. But is this actually true? Here are some of the interesting things you should know about snow.

Snowflakes start out as a small ice crystal. Over time, moisture causes these particles to join and freeze together in hexagonal crystals to create flakes. When you look at snowflakes, you will notice that they all look different. This has given rise to the belief that every snowflake is unique.

It turns out that this fact is actually true! Because a single snow crystal is made up of approximately one quintillion molecules of water, the number of ways that the molecules can be arranged is almost endless. Because the molecular structure of the snow crystal dictates how the snowflake will look, this also means that the possibilities for snowflake designs are astronomical as well. This means that there is a very good chance that no two snowflakes have ever been alike.

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