Who’s Covered Under My Auto Policy?

Find out who your car insurance covers.

Before you lend your car out on a whim, it’s important that you understand who your auto insurance covers. Read on to find out how far your auto coverage extends.

Immediate Family

Generally, your immediate family members who live under the same roof as you are completely covered under your car insurance. This means that your spouse, children, and siblings are all protected when they drive your car. However, keep in mind that they are only covered if they are driving with a valid driver’s license.

Extended Family and Friends

Your extended family members and friends are covered under your insurance according to the rule of permissive use. Permissive use states that anyone driving your car is covered so long as you have given them explicit permission to operate your vehicle. Just be aware that permissive use only applies to short, infrequent uses of your car. If a family member or friend is intending to borrow your car more regularly, then you are better off just adding them to your policy.


If you and your significant other are living separately, then they are covered under permissive use much like your other friends. However, if you are living together, then the situation changes slightly. In this case, it’s better to get a joint policy to ensure that you are both completely covered.

These are some of the drivers covered under your car insurance policy. Do you have more questions regarding your auto insurance coverage? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency. Located in Hamburg, New York, our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.

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