The “What” and “Why” Of Flood Insurance Policies

Did you know that your homeowners insurance policy excludes flood coverage?  Most lending institutions require a flood policy if your property is located in a flood zone.  You may still purchase a flood policy even if you are not in a flood zone which may be less expensive than if you were in a flood zone.  A flood policy may cover your home and its contents in the event of a flood.  Most policies take 30 days to go into effect so you shouldn’t wait until there is a flood or hurricane warning to try and purchase coverage as you won’t be able too.

If you are interested in purchasing a flood insurance policy, you should contact your insurance agent who will purchase a policy through the government’s Federal Flood Insurance Program. If you are looking for insurance assistance anywhere in Western New York, please contact Robert J. Los Insurance Agency! We collaborate with some of the best insurance carriers in New York to find you perfectly customized insurance products. Give Robert J. Los Insurance Agency a call, today!