Summertime Motorcycle Safety Tips

Try out these suggestions to safely ride your motorcycle this summer.

Warm summer weather means that it’s the perfect time to go riding. However, it’s important to remember all the risks that you face as a motorcyclist this season. In order to protect yourself while on the road, try out these suggestions to safely ride your motorcycle this summer.

Helmet Safety

Motorcyclists should never ride without a good helmet. A good helmet should feature a thick inner liner, about one inch thick. It should also have sturdy chin strap and rivets to ensure that it stays strapped on during an accident. Finally, the helmet you select should have a DOT (Department of Transportation) sticker. Helmets with this this sticker have met federal safety regulations and are much safer than their non-sticker counterparts.

Safety Gear

In addition to helmets, motorcyclists should also equip themselves with other safety gear as well. For instance, riders should wear goggles or large sunglasses to protect their eyes from any debris that might fly into them as they ride. Motorcyclists should also don thick, sturdy clothing such as leather jackets and long pants when they ride. This will help protect their skin should they fall off their bikes.

Driving Precautions

As a motorcyclist, you are smaller and faster-moving than most of the other motorists on the road. This means that you can easily slip into a driver’s blind spot without them even realizing it. To prevent an unaware driver from changing lanes into you, it’s important that you are as visible as possible. Wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing can help improve your visibility. Additionally, you can also keep yourself safe by avoiding squeezing into tight positions. Leave lots of room between yourself and other drivers to avoid getting into an accident.

Try out these suggestions to safely ride your motorcycle this summer. Want another way to stay safe as you ride? Then make sure you have the proper motorcycle insurance protections in place. For assistance with your coverage needs, contact the experts at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York. We are ready to get you covered today.

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