Snow Plow Safety Tips For Contractors

Tips to Stay Safe While Plowing Snow

As the snow is falling this winter, you may want to consider plowing snow as a way to make some extra income and to make sure that your employees are able to keep working through the winter. Keep these snow plow safety tips in mind to ensure that your snow plow business is successful this season.

  • Keep a log that keeps track of the weather conditions, temperatures, and amount of snow and ice on the ground at the time of your operations. Also make sure to keep a log of the hours each employee worked, as well as what job they did, such as plow, sand, or shovel. Keep all of your log books for at least three years, since you may have to refer back to them for a variety of different reasons.
  • Only enter into contracts that specify that you will be “on call.” Avoid contracts that state that you will only perform work “as necessary.” Also make sure that all contracts specify what type of work needs to be done at each site.
  • If the owner of a property wants to limit the amount of sand or salt that is used, make sure to get it in writing to refer back to if needed.
  • Inspect all of your equipment regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Do not use any equipment that is damaged or not working properly to avoid injury.
  • Keep incident reports on hand for any employee to fill out in case of injury or property damage that is the result of the snow plow.

Having the right commercial insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you and your business stay safe while plowing snow this winter. Contact Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York for all of your insurance coverage needs.

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