Top Office Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

best exercise to do at your desk

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), only about 20% of adults in America meet physical activity guidelines, including muscle-strengthening and aerobic activities. Moreover, only about 5% of adults do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This is a problem because, according to the Centers for Disease Read More

5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy

ways to keep your employees happy

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that happy employees are generally more productive than unhappy employees. Moreover, another similar study by LinkedIn found that employees who feel respected, empowered, and engaged are less likely to switch employers, whereas employees who do not feel involved, respected, and empowered have a Read More

5 Easy Tips to Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Homework

kids motivation for homework

No two children learn in the same way. When you are teaching your child at home or trying to motivate your kids to do their homework, you need to take your cues from them when it comes to learning styles, environment, and scheduling. 1. Create a Positive Workspace A positive workspace is an area of your home that is dedicated to learning. It Read More

Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe: Warm and Comforting

apple cider recipe

Fall is a great time to gather family and friends beside a campfire. Break out the marshmallows and hot dogs for a good old-fashioned roast. To end the day, sit around the campfire and sip on warm, crockpot apple cider with all the trimmings. Throw a few ingredients in the crockpot in the morning, and you will have a warm cup of deliciousness for Read More

How to Embrace Diversity within Your Small Business

embrace diversity within your small business

When people talk about trying to embrace diversity within a startup, it can mean many things. Within the business, employees should be allowed to be themselves; it increases creativity and boosts productivity. Allowing individuals to be themselves, will not only bring diversity into the workplace, but it will also begin to show in terms of how your Read More

Tips to Cozy Up Your Kitchen for Fall

kitchen tips during fall

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. With fall fast approaching, it means the holidays are not far behind. When you start to cozy up your kitchen for autumn, remember to accent what you already have in place. Focus on things that will keep the room bright and full of light. After all, this is where your family comes to refresh Read More

6 Simple Tips for a Strong Immune System

boost immune system

A strong immune system is important, especially amid the pandemic. A person with a healthy immune system can ward off diseases and lead a healthy life. Here are six simple tips to boost your immune system: 1. Get Enough Sleep The key to a healthy immune system is giving your body enough rest and sleep. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep to Read More

Sleep Myths You Should Not Believe

sleep myths

There are numerous sleep myths we hear and instantly believe. However, you should know the truth behind sleep myths before trying them. Here are some common sleep myths debunked: Myth 1: When Driving, Opening Car Windows or Turning on the AC Will Help Keep You Awake Turning on the AC or opening windows will not help you stay awake.  If you Read More

6 Simple Steps to Minimize Business Interruptions

business interruption insurance

Businesses do not want to face interruptions, as this can impact their productivity and decrease revenue. Several companies are already completely shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it a ruined reputation or lost will, recovering from a business interruption can be difficult. Here are six simple steps to minimize business Read More

Does Your Car Insurance Pay for Scratches?

auto insurance coverage for scratches

Your car may be a treasured commodity, so getting insurance is important to protect it from damages and accidents. However, what happens when you get scratches on your car? You need to know whether your car insurance covers scratches so that you can request a claim. Here is what you should know about auto insurance coverage for Read More