How to Catch Repeat Workers Compensation Claims Offenders

Try out these suggestions to reveal and stop employees from filing fake workers comp claims.

For the most part, injured employees want to make a speedy recovery and get back to work. Unfortunately, there are always bad eggs who not only fake injuries but attempt to scam their employers by filing multiple workers compensation insurance claims. Dealing with these employees can be time-consuming and can cost your business a considerable amount of money. This is why it’s vitally important to uncover these plots and stop them from happening. Here are some of the steps that you should take to uncover a repeat workers comp claims offender.

1) Investigate the Claim

First and most importantly, you need to conduct a serious investigation into the employee’s account of the incident. This means investigating the scene of the accident and questioning witnesses to find inconsistencies in the injured employee’s story. You should also make sure to have the employee investigated by a doctor to verify that they were actually injured and that the injury has a work-related cause.

2) Speak to the Employee’s Peers

You should also interview people who work with the employee on a regular basis. Oftentimes these employees can give you insight into the injured worker’s life or personality. For instance, by talking with co-workers, you might discover that the injured employee is experiencing money issues or has a vendetta against one of the supervisors. While this does not necessarily mean that the employee is lying about their injuries, this could raise a red flag and show you where to focus your investigation of the employee’s claims.

3) Don’t Make Assumptions

It’s important to remember that all employees deserve respect. Even if an employee seems like a repeat offender, you should still give them the benefit of the doubt until you have concrete evidence of their fraudulent actions. By treating your employees fairly, you can avoid legal issues and ensure that your other staff continues to view you in a positive light.

These are some of the steps that you should take to uncover repeat workers compensation insurance claims offenders. Do you need further assistance with managing your business’s workers comp insurance? If so, then contact the experts at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York today.

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