Trick or Treating Safety Tips for a Perfect Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Robert J. Los Insurance Agency Team! With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start preparing your child’s costume and planning your trick or treating route. With so many things out of your control on this evening, we find it extremely imperative that you follow these basic safety tips to ensure your Halloween is memorable for the right reasons:

  • Your child’s Halloween costume must be designed for safety. Make sure that it is made of nonflammable material. It is also important that you test any face paint on a smaller area of their skin to ensure that they will not experience an allergic reaction and have to cut trick or treating fun short.
  • Since visibility is often limited as many costumes are made in black and children are walking in the dark, it is important that each trick or treater has a flashlight or glow stick on them. This will increase visibility so that drivers on the road will be able to see your scary little goblin.
  • If you are decorating your house for the holiday, make sure that you limit your homeowners’ liability and make for a safe environment for trick or treaters to collect their candy. This may include trimming the hedges or adding colorful lights to the pathway to your front door.
  • Since you cannot predict that others will abide by regulatory signs, make sure that you look both ways before crossing the street or any driveways. Before you cross a vehicle’s path, make sure to make eye contact with the driver.
  • When driving on Halloween, make sure to keep your foot hovered over the brake in case you need to stop swiftly.

Happy Halloween from the Robert J. Los Insurance Agency Team! Contact Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg for all of your New York insurance needs. We will go above and beyond to ensure security for every member of your family.

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