Toss Out The Razors And Join In On No-Shave November!

We’ve all heard about it before, even if we have not participated in No-Shave November ourselves. Here is some information about No-Shave November to help you decide how you can best participate in this worthy cause.

 What is No-Shave November?

In its simplest description, No-Shave November is a way to grow cancer awareness by growing hair. Because many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment, embracing our hair and letting it grow, is a unique way to raise awareness. 

How can you participate?

You may be wondering what exactly you have to do to participate. It is pretty simple really. Embrace your hair. Let it grow wild and free. Maybe donate the money you would normally spend on shaving and grooming in the month of November. Gentlemen, grow a beard or cultivate a cool mustache. Ladies, skip the waxing appointment and let your legs get furry. Release your inner Chewbacca, you science fiction lovers and Star Wars fans. However you want to observe this month of not shaving, go for it!

 What if you do not want to stop shaving?

It is understandable if you are not ready to let your hair grow wild. Maybe you’re job requires you to look well-groomed at all times or you just cannot stand the idea of letting your legs get hairy. Whatever your reasons may be, if you do not want to toss out the razors or are not ready to sport a new shaggy look, you can still participate in No-Shave November and help raise cancer awareness. Maybe don that mustache shirt sitting in the back of your closet or your mustache earrings as your No-Shave November mustache. Also consider donating anyway to support this worthy cause or treating yourself and picking up some No-Shave November merchandise.

 Contact the Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg for all of your New York insurance needs. Let us insure you and your facial hair this No Shave November as you raise cancer awareness.

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