The Top Safety Features For Your Car

These Features Can Keep You Safe No Matter What the Road Ahead Brings

Even as technology has brought increased danger to the road with the rise of texting and driving accidents, it has also created news ways to safeguard our loved ones and ourselves as we travel. The next time you are shopping for a vehicle, consider seeking out these important safety features.

  1. Blind Spot Warnings: A quick glance over your shoulder is not always sufficient to alert you to an incoming danger. Fortunately, sensors in your vehicle can let you know when there is a car in your blind spot to prevent you from having to swerve back to safety.
  2. Reverse Monitoring: Backing up is becoming increasingly easy as rearview cameras and warning sensors have made it easier to determine if there are obstacles behind your vehicle that would be otherwise difficult to see.
  3. Crash Mitigation: Quick-thinking computers can detect when you are about to be involved in an accident and will adjust your vehicle to minimize the damage to the passengers inside. If you do get into an accident, this feature can save your passengers from more serious injury.
  4. Lane Departure Warnings: If you start to drift out of your lane—whether from distracted driving or from being drowsy at the wheel—you car is able to alert you if it is equipped with this feature. This important reminder can prevent you from spinning out over the shoulder or veering into another vehicle.

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