How to Avoid Animal Vehicle Collisions

Use this tips to keep you and the wildlife safe on the road. As the temperatures continue to cool down, you may be noticing more wildlife roaming around while you are on the road. While wild animals can be a very beautiful sight, they can also be the cause of very dangerous situations on the road. Keep these tips in mind to help figure out how to Read More

When It Comes To Insurance Agents You Have Options

Having an insurance agent or broker available to help you find the right insurance policy is a great advantage, especially after getting into an accident and going through the claim filing process. You may not know that you have options when choosing an insurance agent. Being informed is half the battle and knowing the difference between a captive Read More

An A to Z Guide to Auto Insurance

As seen on Mercury Insurance Group: Auto Insurance: What You Should Know  If you drive a car chances are you carry some level of auto insurance. If you don’t, then you better get it quick, because it’s the law in most states. But how do you choose the right company and coverage? You should start by doing a little homework so you know what you’re Read More

Check Out These Tips to Create a Good First Impression for Potential Buyers

As seen on on Mercury Insurance Group: Grimy bathroom walls are a major red flag to buyers. Here is an easy way to get rid of surface mold: Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach. Just spray it on the wall, and watch the mold disappear. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and your grimy bathroom will go from red flag to Read More

Don’t Break Down Past Your Warranty…Purchase Mechanical Breakdown Protection From Robert J. Los Insurance!

Imagine the inconvenience of your car breaking down in the middle of a road trip to your summer vacation destination. Now imagine the one thing that can make it worse- finding out you are only three days past the expiration date of your warranty. To avoid this scenario, consider purchasing Mechanical Breakdown Protection from Robert J. Los Read More

Identity Theft Insurance 101

Millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. This type of fraud can create an innumerable amount of stress for those who are affected. In order to address this issue, many insurance companies have started to offer identity theft insurance policies. However, some suggest this is a strategic move to capitalize on the fears of Read More

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

If your summer vacation plans include a rental car, you need to decide whether or not it is necessary to purchase a rental car insurance policy before hitting the road! If you have a regular auto insurance policy, you are covered while driving a rental car. Your policy will cover you for all obligations assumed by you for damage to the rental car.  Read More