Renters Insurance FAQs

The Answers To The Most Common Inquiries If you are renting a property, you may think that you are off the hook for carrying insurance coverage. Certainly, your landlord will carry a policy to protect the building in which you live. Unfortunately, if a disaster sweeps through your rental that policy will not pay to replace any of your personal Read More

New Automotive Technologies Could Lower Accident Rates & Premiums for Consumers

As seen on Mercury Insurance Group: Improvements in automotive technology, including seat belts, airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability control have significantly reduced accidents, fatalities and injuries to record low levels. These safety features have helped decrease the injury rate per vehicle-mile driven more than 50 percent Read More

Factors Impacting Your Auto Insurance Premium

Despite popular belief, you are in control of your auto insurance premiums. Your coverage decisions and lifestyle habits determine your risk factor and how insurance companies decide your premium. Consider these factors when wondering why your insurance premium has just increased: Coverage & Deductibles – The specific coverage options you Read More