Keep Yourself Protected Against Uninsured Drivers

Your auto bodily injury liability protects you when you are liable for the injury or death of others due to an automobile accident, including legal and court costs. Your property damage liability pays to repair or replace another person’s property when you are responsible for the damage because of an auto accident.  What happens when a driver hits Read More

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Rental Car Anywhere in the U.S.?

As seen on Mercury Insurance Group:  When Larry Lipparelli rented a car in Dublin recently, he took his online travel agency’s word that the price included all required taxes and fees. And it did — except for one. Lipparelli didn’t have the required car insurance for Ireland. A handful of countries, including Jamaica, Israel and Ireland, Read More

Protect Your Car From Auto Theft

As seen on Mercury Insurance Group: According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the nation's leading non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle theft, two vehicles are stolen every minute in the United States. Car thefts can occur anytime—at random on different days Read More

How to Allergy-Proof Your Car and Garage

As seen on HowStuffWorks: Probably the last place you expect allergen overload is in your car. You don't live in it, (although sometimes it seems that way), but you do shed skin flakes, spill coffee, and let mold spores in unknowingly. The dear old auto needs a little attention, too, and this is how you should deliver it: Make sure the Read More

Yearly Disaster Preparation Check-Up

As seen on Mercury Insurance: When was the last time you thought about an emergency-preparedness plan? “Never,” is the answer most people would give, which could have terrible consequences if you happen to be caught in the middle of a disaster. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), natural disasters in the U.S. Read More

New Automotive Technologies Could Lower Accident Rates & Premiums for Consumers

As seen on Mercury Insurance Group: Improvements in automotive technology, including seat belts, airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability control have significantly reduced accidents, fatalities and injuries to record low levels. These safety features have helped decrease the injury rate per vehicle-mile driven more than 50 percent Read More