Sleep Myths You Should Not Believe

There are numerous sleep myths we hear and instantly believe. However, you should know the truth behind sleep myths before trying them.

Here are some common sleep myths debunked:

Myth 1: When Driving, Opening Car Windows or Turning on the AC Will Help Keep You Awake

Turning on the AC or opening windows will not help you stay awake. If you feel drowsy, it’s better to stop the car and take a short nap.

Myth 2: Our Brain Rests While We Sleep

Your body may rest while sleeping, but your brain remains active, controlling the essential body functions.

Myth 3: Sleepwalkers Should Not Be Woken Up

A sleepwalker can hurt themselves, so it’s crucial to wake them and help them return to bed.

Myth 4: Only Deep Sleep Triggers Dreams

You can have dreams at any stage of your sleep. Dreams are clearer during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is the lighter sleep cycle.

Myth 5: Stay in Bed Even When You Cannot Sleep

If you’ve been trying to sleep for more than 20 minutes, try some relaxation activities, including yoga and meditation. You can also read books or listen to music. However, staying in bed, even if you cannot sleep can establish an unhealthy relationship between the waking state and bed.

Myth 6: We Swallow Spiders While Sleeping

A house spider fears a sleeping person, so they won’t come around when you sleep.

Myth 7: Sleeping Excessively on Weekends Can Compensate for Lost Sleep

Sleeping extra during the weekends won’t help undo the effects of lack of sleep during the week. Stick to a steady sleep-wake cycle.

Myth 8: Drinking Alcohol at Night Improves Sleep

Drinking alcohol at night can increase the number of times you wake up.

Myth 9: Snoring Never Causes Any Harm

Snoring can indicate a severe sleep disorder – sleep apnea. Also, the disorder can cause breathing interruptions, so get medical help immediately if you suspect that you have sleep apnea.

Myth 10: Eating Cheese Causes Nightmares

There is no evidence to prove that eating cheese can cause nightmares. Contrarily, the amount of tryptophan (a sleep stimulant) in cheese can help you sleep faster.

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