Safety Information For Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The switch from the basic light bulb to compact fluorescent light bulbs is making its way into nearly every household. Compact fluorescent light bulbs not only use less electricity, but they also provide other environmental benefits as well. Since the experienced homeowner is not so familiar with compact fluorescent light bulbs, we feel that it is necessary to provide you with some vital light bulb safety tips:

  • When purchasing compact fluorescent light bulbs, make sure that it has information regarding the recognized testing laboratory that tested the product. This certification will ensure that the compact fluorescent light bulb meets all required safety standards.
  • When compact fluorescent light bulbs burn out, they smoke a little, which causes the plastic base to blacken a little. This is not something to worry about!
  • Do not dispose of burnt out compact fluorescent light bulbs in your household trash. Rather, you must drop off the compact fluorescent light bulb at a local recycling zone.
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs actually emit a small amount of mercury when they break. Therefore, it is important that you open a window and air out the room for 15 minutes after it breaks. Since mercury is in the air, it is imperative that everyone, including your furry family members, leaves the vicinity. You will also want to turn off the air conditioning or heating while waiting for the mercury to air out.
  • If a compact fluorescent light bulb breaks, use a peace of tape to collect all shattered glass and powder. All remains of the compact fluorescent light bulb should be disposed of in a glass or metal container to ensure safety. Your local government can inform you of where to properly dispose the compact fluorescent light bulb.

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