Protect Your Valuables From Theft With These Precautionary Tips

Know how to protect your home from home burglaries.

It only takes a burglar an average of 10 minutes to get in and get out, making a getaway with your valuable items. Make sure that your valuables are kept safe and check out this list of most commonly stolen items in a home burglary.


How often do you put your electronics away after you use them? Most often, you use your device and leave it sitting out. However, leaving your valuables in plain sight puts them at greater risk for theft. In fact, electronics are the most commonly stolen item in home burglaries. Be sure to secure your them. From mounting your television to the wall to storing your laptop in a locking drawer, be sure to put your valuables away.


You wear your grandfather’s watch every day, but what about your grandmother’s diamond ring? If you leave any of your jewelry laying out, it’s at risk. Make sure to keep it safe and lock it away when you’re not wearing it.


Keeping cash at home may be convenient, but it’s not always a wise decision. During home burglaries, thieves tend to snoop around for cash that’s just laying around. Most commonly, they start their search in the master bedroom. Don’t hide your cash in a dresser drawer, under your mattress, in the toilet tank, or in the freezer. While it’s best to keep your cash in the bank, if you do choose to keep your cash at home, make sure that it’s in a secure spot, like safe bolted to the floor.

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