Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Use These Tips To Keep Your Business Green This Year

Going green no longer seems like it will be a passing fad. In fact, half of business owners surveyed by the Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey reported that they think sustainable workplaces are going to become the new norm for businesses in just five years. It makes sense, too, as going green can help you save some green. Boost your business’s energy efficiency and savings this year with these tips:

  1. Switch to paperless billing, both for any outside companies you pay and for your own business. As added bonuses, you will have a digital record of all bills and will save on mailing costs.
  2. Lower your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature. At night, when your team is headed home, turn it down even lower.
  3. Stock your break room with reusable mugs and dishes rather than disposable options.
  4. Turn off computers and other technology when they are not in use. If this is a hassle, invest in power strips that can be easily turned off or—better yet—unplugged at the day’s end.
  5. Do a walk through of your building and look for any energy hogs. If your insulation needs work, invest in it. You will save on heating and cooling costs for years to come.
  6. Ask your employees for other ideas on how to save energy. Getting your whole team involved can yield creative solutions, and will encourage your employees to be conscious of their own energy use around the office.

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