Common Causes of Spring Floods

The buds of the tree frozen in iceSpring Flood Dangers

The spring season brings beautiful blooming flowers and warmer temperatures. It also brings spring showers, which can easily turn into a spring flood. Knowing how to protect your home and assets from a flood can help to ensure that you stay safe in the rising waters.

While your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage for many perils, it will not provide coverage for any damage that is done during a flood. Only a specific flood insurance policy will cover damage that is done during a flood. It is important to keep in mind that a flood insurance policy has a 30 day waiting period before coverage will kick in, so the sooner you invest in a policy, the sooner you will be covered.

Along with spring rains, there are many causes of floods during the spring, including:

  • Spring thaw – as all the snow and ice from winter storms start to melt, the ground can get oversaturated. When the water cannot be absorbed into the ground, it can overflow lakes, rivers, and streams, which can flood into your neighborhood.
  • Ice jams – as water levels rise in rivers, large chunks of ice on the surface of the water can break up, which can create a dam downstream. As the water continues to rise, the water escapes over the sides of the river, causing a flood.
  • Flash flooding – any rapid flooding in low lying areas in less than six hours is considered a flash flood. Flash floods are typically caused by intense rain, such as the common spring rain. They can be very serious during times of extreme drought.

To ensure that you and your home are protected from any spring floods this season, contact the insurance professionals at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York.