Halloween Safety Tips for Your Children

Keep your little trick-or-treater safe this year with these Halloween safety tips.

For many kids and adults alike, Halloween is the best time of the year. With all the yummy treats, spooky costumes, and endless things to get excited about, it’s natural for your kid to be a little hyper. However, when the big night arrives, make sure your child avoids dangerous behaviors and stays safe. Here are a couple of safety tips to keep in mind this Halloween.

Costume Safety

1) Stick to shorter costumes. Long, floor-length costumes may increase your child’s chance of falling.

2) Use face makeup instead of Halloween masks. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision and can make it difficult to walk around.

3) Avoid costumes that are made of flammable materials. These could be dangerous if your kid gets too close to a lit jack-o-lantern.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

1) Never let your child go out alone. Accompany younger children as they go door to door and make sure older children go out with a group of friends you know and trust.

2) Before your child goes out, make sure you map out their trick-or-treating route together. Ask your child to stay in neighborhoods that you are both familiar with.

3) Make sure your child knows to cross the street at crosswalks and knows they should never dart out into traffic. Additionally, forbid your child from taking shortcuts through parks, alleys, and backyards

4) Warn your child about “stranger danger.” Make sure they understand that they should never enter someone’s house or accept a ride without first getting your consent.

5) Have your child carry a cell phone with them at all times. This way they can call you or the authorities in case of an emergency.

Candy Safety

1) Tell your child not to eat any candy before they get home.

2) Once they do return, inspect their haul and discard any unwrapped, unlabeled, or homemade treats.

Follow these easy Halloween safety tips to make sure your kids have a happy and safe night. Another way to make sure your kids are protected is to have the right insurance coverage. Trust the professionals at Robert J. Los Insurance Agency in Hamburg, New York for all your personal insurance needs. Contact us to get covered today!

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