Keep Your Home Safe From Fires With These Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe Through WinterPractice these fireplace safety tips to keep your home safe and secure.

Winter weather is here! With freezing temperatures and lots of snow, it’s the perfect time of year to use your fireplace. However, it’s also important that you practice fireplace safety. Reduce your risk of a house fire, and check out these fireplace safety tips.

Keep a Safety Perimeter.

When it comes to using your fireplace, it’s important that you establish a safe space around the flames. Remove anything flammable from the area, keeping a three-foot space in front of the fireplace. That way you reduce your risk of any fiery mishaps.

Use the Fireplace Properly.

When it comes to using the fireplace, ensure that everything is used properly. Open the flue so that there’s proper ventilation and ensure that you light the fire with either a match or firelighter. Don’t forget to use the metal mesh screen to keep embers from flying around your living room.

Be Vigilant.

Never leave your fireplace unattended. Keep a watchful eye so that you can prevent any serious issues from happening. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher on hand so that you can handle any fireplace mishaps.

Clean Your Chimney.

When it comes to keeping your fireplace safe and secure, it’s important that you regularly clean your chimney. At least once a year, have your chimney inspected for any safety issues, and have a professional clean the chimney. That way you can safely use your fireplace all season long.

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