Funny Resolutions for the New Year

sign that says new year new you

Don't take your new year's resolutions so seriously. Every year, many of us struggle to make and keep our new year's resolutions.  Rather than putting yourself through all the stress and disappointment, this year, try keeping your resolutions light.  Here are some of the funniest goals to set for 2020. This new year, I resolve to… Stop Read More

Suggestions to Make Your Holiday Party a Stress-Free Affair

holiday party guests

Try out these tips to relieve your party-hosting stress. If you plan on hosting a holiday party, then you might be feeling the pressure.  However, there's no reason why your party needs to be such a high-pressure event.  To keep your calm this season, try out these tips for a low-stress holiday party. Write a To-Do List When planning a Read More

How You Can Manage Your Time More Efficiently Over the Holidays

person holding a stop watch

Time management tips for the holiday season. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year.  Between buying and wrapping your gifts, traveling to meet up with friends and family, and preparing your own home to receive guests, you may be feeling overwhelmed.  If you want to successfully get everything done, then it's essential to Read More

Tips for Preventing Holiday Hangovers

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How you can avoid the worst hangover symptoms this holiday season. For many people, the holidays are all about parties and celebrating with friends and family.  Unfortunately, many partygoers drink a little bit too much and are left to deal with a terrible hangover the next morning.  If you want to let loose this holiday season, then there are Read More

Protect Your Pet This Holiday Season

sleeping puppy

Try out these suggestions to keep your pets safe over the holidays. While the holiday season is all about having fun and celebrating with your loved ones, it's important to remember that the holidays do come with risks.  This is especially true for your pets.  If you want to take care of your furry friends this holiday season, then here are some Read More

Save Money This Holiday Season

money in your wallet

Money-saving tips for the holidays. With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be worried about your finances.  With all the gift-buying and party hosting going on during the holidays, it’s very easy to break your budget.  However, if you want to stay on track and save as much as possible, then try out some of these money-saving Read More

Why It’s Important to Clean Out Your Gutters Before Winter

gutter full of leaves

How to clean out your gutters before winter weather hits. With winter on the way, it's time to clean out your gutters.  Cleaning out your gutters ensures that they don't get clogged by debris when you are hit with wet weather.  If your gutters get clogged, then water can pool on your roof, increasing your home's chances of damage.  Ready to clear Read More